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Childhood Sickness on the Rise?

What is your child’s favorite activity? Let’s list the options: go outside and play with friends, go to the library and learn from the countless number of books and magazines, join a club where kids can play sports/ Boy and Girl Scouts, sit at home and stare at some type of screen (television, computer, smartphone, tablet). Sadly, most children would choose the latter. The big question is, does this have any effect on their development?
To tackle these questions, we would need answers about their mental, physical, and social development. First of all, ADHD, a nervous system dysfunction, has increased 16% for children ages 4-17 over the last 30 years. (1,2) ADHD which is addressed ever so often now, is diagnosed in 11% of children. (1) That’s about one out of every 10 children! Mentally, we are not off to a good start. Physically, “we are currently facing the most sedentary generation in our history,” said Sam Kass who was the chef and the lead to the former first lady’s Let’s Move Program. (3) Not to mention, our children’s posture is by far the worst it has ever been. If you are staring at some type of screen most of the day, your body will suffer from the consequences. (read Hunchback)
Physically we are not looking good either. Socially, our kids are spending less time playing and more time interacting on the computer. Again, this is not good for overall development.
After pondering these questions and answers, doesn’t this evidence seem to encourage us to make a change to improve our children futures? The rise in technology has only further deterred our development and we know that it is not going anywhere. Twenty years ago, the idea of having every child in school sit in front of a computer would have been absurd. Today this is commonplace.
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Did you know that over the course of your life you will shrink 2.5 inches? (1) Have you ever wondered why someone shrinks or do you think that is a natural progression of life?

What if I told you that you could totally reverse the aging process with chiropractic care? I know, chiropractors say they can fix everything, but let’s break it down. So first, why do people get shorter? Spinal degeneration accompanied by a loss of your cervical, thoracic and lumbar curves creates the smaller stature. The picture above shows what happens when a person’s head is an inch past where it should be and the next is 2 inches forward. The body believes the weight of the head has increased from 12 pounds, all the way to 32 and 42 pounds. Look how the spine, the muscles, and everything in the body has changed because of this new position. WOW! Knowing that everyone reading this article is concerned with their health, wouldn’t you think that this could have a devastating effect on our health??

Moreover, each inch our head is forward cuts off 30% of our vital lung capacity! (2) Think about that. Our lungs, which are responsible for respiration throughout the body, aren’t able to function as they are intended causing the other organs to work harder. Over time, this excessive load will lead to dysfunction, degeneration and eventually DISEASE.

Here is the best news you will read today! You don’t have to shrink! If you properly care for your spine with adjustments and with postural exercises, shrinking won’t happen to you. So, the next time you are walking around the park or hanging out with some friends, look around and check out how others are standing. It will tell you a lot about them and their health. If you would like to learn more about this and get started on the path to good health, give us a call at 843-375-6319.


Is Vibration Therapy the Fountain of Youth?

What if I told you that “10 minutes of whole body vibration (WBV) will give you the same benefits as one hour of conventional weight lifting, including increased muscle strength, bone density, flexibility, coordination, balance, and weight loss.” (1)

Sounds too good to be true, right? Actually, that is just the beginning of the improvements vibration therapy can have on the body. It also “burns fat, increases metabolism, improves circulation, reduces tread veins, improves appearance of skin, improves body density, improves balance and co-ordination, and improves varicose veins.” (2)

At Headley Family Chiropractic, we use vibration therapy along with many other therapies!

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(1) Chambers, Becky. Whole Body Vibration: The Future of Good Heath. Charlottesville, VA: Quartet, 2013. Print.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Did you know that the Hunchback of Notre Dame was the first heavy smartphone user/computer junkie?

As you are reading this post, you are probably sitting at your desk in a rather comfortable position, right? I wish you had a mirror. More than likely, your feet are under the chair and your body is rolled out to reach the keyboard. Not to mention your head extending forward and spine looking like the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Does this have any effects on how we operate?

Before we get into these questions, think back 20 years ago, before our world was so technologically advanced. Did you ever see an invention of a standing desk or an ergonomic chair? Heck no! The fact of standing while doing work seemed outrageous. This was a time to really focus and get things done and the only way to do that was to sit, right? Now look how our culture has evolved. We are in front of some sort of screen all day. Picture your day, it starts with the computer at work, followed by the smartphone obsession with Facebook fun and Snapchat videos, and lastly with the family eating dinner in front of the television.

Were we designed to operate like this? Obviously, the answer to this question would be a resounding NO! On average, Americans spend 12 hours a day sitting in front of a screen. (1) Furthermore, our children are spending six and a half hours staring at some type of technology. (2) Wow!

Back to the original question, does poor posture have any effect on our body? Research has found that poor posture leads to:
Headaches/Jaw Pain
Shoulder Pain
Back Pain
Reduced Lung Function
Gastrointestinal Pains, etc.

What if all of this was preventable. Come find out how at Headley Family Chiropractic!