Childhood Sickness on the Rise?

What is your child’s favorite activity? Let’s list the options: go outside and play with friends, go to the library and learn from the countless number of books and magazines, join a club where kids can play sports/ Boy and Girl Scouts, sit at home and stare at some type of screen (television, computer, smartphone, tablet). Sadly, most children would choose the latter. The big question is, does this have any effect on their development?
To tackle these questions, we would need answers about their mental, physical, and social development. First of all, ADHD, a nervous system dysfunction, has increased 16% for children ages 4-17 over the last 30 years. (1,2) ADHD which is addressed ever so often now, is diagnosed in 11% of children. (1) That’s about one out of every 10 children! Mentally, we are not off to a good start. Physically, “we are currently facing the most sedentary generation in our history,” said Sam Kass who was the chef and the lead to the former first lady’s Let’s Move Program. (3) Not to mention, our children’s posture is by far the worst it has ever been. If you are staring at some type of screen most of the day, your body will suffer from the consequences. (read Hunchback)
Physically we are not looking good either. Socially, our kids are spending less time playing and more time interacting on the computer. Again, this is not good for overall development.
After pondering these questions and answers, doesn’t this evidence seem to encourage us to make a change to improve our children futures? The rise in technology has only further deterred our development and we know that it is not going anywhere. Twenty years ago, the idea of having every child in school sit in front of a computer would have been absurd. Today this is commonplace.
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